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Nick Hudis

Kalyani Ma Mukti

Co-founders of Inner Union

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time zone: London

Cost 33€

Inner Union is the meeting within you of the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Whatever your gender, both aspects are crucial if you are to embody your essence fully, here and now. Through inner union you intimately meet and embrace all parts of yourself so you can be whole and express your true power in the world.

How this workshop will awaken your power:

The time is now!  After the Cororavirus the world will change.  This is a wake up call and an opportunity.  We cannot rely on the old structures.  We cannot follow the masses like sheep. There is a better world to build and we are the ones called to build it.

This is the purpose your soul has longed for. This is the moment to throw off the fears and beliefs that have held you back. This is the time to stand tall and be seen.  This is the time to awaken your true power.

The principles of inner union are the vital key to unlock your true power.  On this workshop, Kalyani and Nick will use these principles to guide through practices that will empower you to:-

  • Let go of the beliefs and habits that have limited your access to power. You will clarify your  soul purpose and begin to move forward on a path of authenticity and .alignment.
  • Bring together the courage and dynamism of your inner masculine and the deep feeling, expansive wisdom of your inner feminine.  From the synergy of this sacred inner union, you true power will flow.
  • Learn powerful techniques to access your inner guidance and creativity to manifest your greatest potential in your life, relationships and work.

About Inner Union

Inner Union  was created by Kalyani and Nick as a container for the emotional healing and spiritual growth work they have developed together over the last ten years.

The heart of this work is inner union - the meeting within you of the masculine principle and the feminine principle.  When unified, feminine and masculine are like the poles of a magnet, creating a powerful energy field of creativity and manifestation.

Kalyani is a coach who leads people to awaken to the fullness of who they are, going beyond past wounds and trauma, and opening to the gifts of being alive as a spiritual being in a human body. 

Nick is an author and mentor committed to the path of self-cultivation whose inspiration is
drawn from Eastern spirituality, stoicism, and the martial arts. He supports people to live from their highest virtue as a force for good in the world, 

Kalyani and Nick live and practice as a conscious couple embodying the principles of sacred inner union. They live in the south of France where they run the La Source retreat centre. La Source and the work they offer there are a manifestation of their soul purpose and vision for a better world.

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Awaken Your True Power Through Inner Union, 14 June, 2-5 PM London time. Cost 33€

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