An Inner Union Webinar

Feminine Alchemy

the path of  

Mary Magdalene

Your Hosts:

Nick Hudis

Kalyani Ma Mukti

Co-founders of Inner Union

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time zone: London

Cost 33€

A beautiful representation of Mary by artist Nel Kuc​

Dive deep into the energy of the Sacred Feminine as embodied by Mary Magdalene to transform your life and relationships.  

Discover the secrets hidden in the Magdalene legends, experience her energy directly in your body and learn a powerful alchemical practice.  

How this webinar will transform your life:

  • Discover how the legendary journey of Mary Magdalene from Palestine to Egypt and to France and beyond is a potent metaphor to guide your own spiritual growth.
  • Experience for yourself how the channelled energy of Mary Magdalene can awaken and heal your inner feminine leading you to reclaim your power and your light.
  • Learn an alchemical formula from the Magdalene tradition that transforms your sexual energy into spiritual light.  This incredible practice can be used both as a solo meditation and in intimacy with your partner.

About Inner Union

Inner Union was created by Kalyani and Nick as a container for the emotional healing and spiritual growth work they have developed together over the last ten years.

The heart of this work is inner union - the meeting within you of the masculine principle and the feminine principle.  The union between both aspects is crucial if you are to embody your true essence and life purpose.

Christianity has suppressed the feminine part and lost this sacred union.  Yet as an archetypal energy Mary Magdalene is the devine feminine counterpart to the sacred masculine of Christ. In a changing world, she has great gifts for all of us, women and men. Her time has come.

Kalyani and Nick live and practice as a conscious couple embodying the principles of sacred inner union. They live in the south of France where they run the La Source retreat centre. They have visited the sacred sites of Mary Magdalene several times and feel a deep connection with her energy.

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Feminine Alchemy - the path of Mary Magdalene 26 April, 2-5 PM London time. Cost 33€

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