Five Reasons Why You Need to Do a Silent Retreat

Silent retreats are not just for monks and nuns. They are not just for Buddhists. Everyone in this busy, noisy online world can benefit from a time of retreat… in silence.

Here are five big reasons to do a silent retreat this year.

You need to declutter your mind

In today’s world, we are constantly being bombarded by information, by social media, by noise. Our mental inbox is always full to the point of overflowing. And there is our internal chatter too. Most of us are in a state of constant worry – everything from global warming to worrying about whether our train will be late. Such constant stimulation is exhausting, it robs us of our mental clarity and in fact, is damaging to our health and wellbeing.

It takes about 24 hours in tranquil surroundings for the mind to begin to settle and the process of healing from mental burnout to begin. A silent meditation retreat is a perfect place to declutter your mind and find inner peace.

You need to listen to your inner self

With less chatter in your head and without the usual distractions and habitual behaviours you use to “tune out.” You can really get to meet yourself. Your thoughts will become clearer, you’ll see problems more in proportion and solutions will become apparent. You will begin to discover who you really are and what your life purpose is.

Everybody needs a time out to take stock like this. Holidays are too full of distractions. A silent retreat is a wonderful way to meet yourself in wisdom and acceptance.

You will learn the joy of simplicity

On a silent retreat, everything is simplified. You don’t need to make choices, you don’t need to worry about anything. A regular daily routine, simple healthy food, and space, blessed space just to be. You will discover so many of the things you habitually think you need to make you happy, are in fact unnecessary. You will discover the secret, that lasting happiness does not depend on externals, but is found within.

You will discover a new way of relating to people

On a silent retreat, you are not alone. You are not in your little bubble ignoring the other participants. You are part of a group who will support you and who will benefit from your presence. Flowing around each other in silence cultivates our sensitivity and compassion towards others. It teaches to respect boundaries – our own and those of others. You will learn that chatter and banter are often an avoidance of connection and that true companionship is to be found in simply being present with each other.

You’ve always wanted to do one anyway

There has always been that thought in your head – “I’ll do a silent retreat one day.”

It’s time to listen to that voice.

The time is now

Kalyani and I are delighted to be offering a five-day silent retreat in the beautiful tranquil surroundings if La Source in September. This is the chance you’ve been longing for.

Here are the full details.


Kalyani and Nick are experienced meditators who are not aligned with any single tradition. They have been leading retreats and workshops together for nearly ten years.

Kalyani leads people to awaken to the fullness of who they are, going beyond past wounds and trauma, and opening to the gifts of being alive as a spiritual being in a human body. Her offering together with Nick Hudis can be found on

Nick is an author and mentor committed to the path of self-cultivation whose inspiration is drawn from Eastern philosophy and spirituality, stoicism, and the martial arts. He supports people to live from their highest virtue as a force for good in the world, in their communities and relationships.