Free online meditation

Join us for "sacred pause" 

• Every Monday evening at 7pm (London time) for one hour via Zoom, a guided meditation that deeply anchors you and reconnects you with The Source of all.  This time together will also be an opportunity to ask us questions.

Here is the link: join Zoom Meeting

We started these free online sessions during the coronavirus crisis, to reach out to people. However they have proved so popular that they will continue regardless of the world situation.  The time ahead is a critical opportunity for us to create a better world in harmony with nature.  Meditating together is an essential foundation for this vision.

These meditations are FREE. However, some people have asked whether they can give a donation in appreciation.  If you would like to give something please use the link here and follow the checkout process.

Any donations we receive will help us develop our work of emotional healing and spiritual growth here at La Source.

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