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Your guides - Nick Hudis and Kalyani Ma Mukti

Meditate with us online in this time of isolation

Together we are stronger Join is for "sacred pause" in these challenging times.

In the  unprecedented situation in our world that affects us all, we have decided to offer our help by offering you to join us virtually in 2 ways:

• Every day in our group on WhatsApp for heart-to-heart sharing to inspire you, perhaps offer you another perspective, and allow you to be heard at the same time as receiving what we are called to share with you
• Every Monday evening at 7pm (London time) for one hour via Zoom, a meditation that deeply anchors you and reconnects you with The Source of all, to help you strengthen your immune defences and your ability to face the challenges that affect you. This time together will also be an opportunity to ask us questions.
Here is the link: join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/186268234

These sharings are offered free of charge, and we will welcome you with the greatest joy.

Inner Union is the unification of the two aspects of your being, the feminine and the masculine. From this union, you can find meaning in your life, balance and authenticity so that you can really open to life and to love.

This inner relationship is the most vital relationship in your life, however it is often wounded and neglected. We offer you a unique path of emotional healing and personal growth in seven steps. 

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Workshops and retreats, online work, individual programmes, there are many ways ot begin your journey towards Inner Union

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Our capacity to open fully to love and to life is a reflection of our capacity to love ourselves”

Kalyani Ma Mukti & Nick Hudis


Battling to success in a patriarchal world, and so often abandoned by the men in their life, many women long to rediscover the deep qualities of their feminine: receptivity, flow and openness to love. Inner Union offers you a path back to yourself. Open to the feminine within you and learn once again to trust the masculine.


Today it has never been more difficult to be a man. One the one hand, as a boy, so many men learnt that to show feelings is unmanly. One this other hand, many men feel ashamed of their masculinity. Inner Union can teach you to find balance. How to be in the strength and focus of the warrior and at the same time fully in touch with your feelings and your wisdom. 


Do you find yourself falling again and again into the same toxic patterns of relationship? Have things gone cold between you and your beloved? Or perhaps you are in love, and yes it's good, but you feel the call to go deeper into intimacy? There is work for you to do on the inside. Healing the relationship between your feminine and your masculine aspects is the magic key to opening fully to love.

​Whether you are in a couple or single, Inner Union offers you a clear path to navigate the troubled waters of love, sex and intimacy.



This retreat was a gift from heaven for me, magnificent and significant. I would recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone who seeks a powerful way to grow and heal their wounds.



Nick and Kalyani's approach is unique. They are unpretentious, without ego, mature people having worked on their vulnerability and without anything to prove. They invite us to be ourselves without false pretenses. I was afraid, however, that their approach would be almost too soft, but the proposed activities are simple but effective ... I especially experienced a very deep, physical release. They do not pretend to change everything with a magic wand. So I left with a sense of direction and knowing there is more unfolding to do, but that too seems to me a guarantee of authenticity.



An occasion to consciously explore the shadows deep within me; those touched allow me to move forward. The body never lies!

Your Energy raises my vibration ... I come out each time filled with an inner joy that continues beyond the retreat... A big thank you ! Love radiates from each of you and between you two; you sow and I am receptive to this way of Being; I find myself in the authenticity and generous form of support that you propose !!


We are...
Kalyani Ma Mukti et Nick Hudis

Together we have almost 60 years of experience in healing work and spiritual practice. Our work is above all an expression of our personal experience as a man and a woman committed to manifesting the path of Inner Union in our lives and in our relationship. We have worked together offering retreats and workshops in France and in Europe as well as one to one coaching since 2010.

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