Inner Union – balancing the feminine and masculine energies of your being

Hello and welcome to Inner Union - Loving Yourself back to Wholeness. Our vision and the message we are called to share with the world is to bring meaning, balance and authenticity to people's lives by healing our primary relationship - the relationship we have with our self.

Inner Union a path of emotional healing and self-growth

We are Kalyani Ma Mukti and Nick Hudis, the creators of Inner Union as a path of emotional healing and self-growth. Between us, we have almost 60 years of experience of healing work and spiritual practice and have been working together facilitating workshops and offering 1:1 coaching since 2009. We now offer a regular programme of retreats and workshops in France. We have created this website and an associated Facebook group to build a wider community and conversation around the principles of Inner Union.

Inner Union addresses the fundamental feeling of dissatisfaction with life that underlies so much of human experience.

At the heart of Inner Union is polarity. Regardless of our physical gender, we have within us both a feminine and a masculine aspect. Other polarities play out in our life too: inner child and inner parent, mind and body, self and other etc. Most often we get stuck on one side of these polarities, or find they are fighting one another. From such conflicts stems so much of what troubles our life and relationships and robs us of happiness and fulfillment. Much of the work of Inner Union lies in the recognition and reunification of these polarities.

So we believe, that to heal our life we must heal our inner relationship. Our capacity to open to love and to embrace life in its fullness is a reflection of our capacity to love ourselves.

A rich system that promotes healing and well-being from the inside out.

Inner Union is inspired by the teachings of our guides, the late Dr Shakti Malan, Thessa Sophia and Fleur Innana. Our work is an expression of our on-going personal experience as a man and a woman dedicated to manifesting the path of Inner Union in our lives and relationship. This is such a fertile ground that we feel it has now to be shared further. Our approach weaves together Tantra, spirituality, meditation, Taoism, Zen and shamanism, trauma release, psychology and bodywork into a rich system that promotes healing and well-being from the inside out.

Inner Union is a multi-layered path. At one level it is emotional healing, a space in which to let go of past trauma and conditioning and meet yourself lovingly and authentically. At another level, it is a spiritual practice, a journey of awakening to the divine. But also, Inner Union is a way of life, a compass to help you navigate your day to day life and relationships harmoniously, gracefully and artfully.

So welcome to Inner Union! We hope you find much here to inspire and encourage you on your journey of loving yourself back to wholeness. We will be sharing on this website and on social media things that stir inspiration and reflection in us. We will also expand on our work and way of life, sharing our personal Inner Union journey and giving details of our workshops and retreats. We warmly invite you to engage in dialogue with us, asking questions and sharing experience

Authors - Kalyani Ma Mukti and Nick Hudis

"The words Inner Union describe the incredible sense of wholeness, balance and power that results from the unification of the two aspects of your being, the feminine and the masculine. The practice of Inner Union is the healing and growing of a self-loving relationship with yourself.

This is something we feel passionate about, so much so that it is the foundation we have built our lives, and our relationship on.  Together we have almost 60 years of experience in healing work and spiritual practice. We have worked together offering retreats and workshops in France and in Europe as well as one to one coaching since 2010.  Kalyani is French, Nick is English.  We offer all our work bilingually"

Experience for yourself the meeting of masculine and feminine in Inner Union. Download this free meditation