INNER UNION ROADMAP Seven steps to loving yourself back to wholeness

Inner Union? 

It is the longing, the longing for oneness that lies at the heart of human experience.

It is the journey, the journey of emotional healing and spiritual growth through which we meet and unite the polarities of masculine and feminine that make up the fabric of our lives.  It is the journey of loving ourselves back to wholeness.

It is the destination, the destination which really we never left, our true nature as one with life itself.

A journey needs a road map.  Over the many years through which we have evolved the Inner Union approach we have discovered that the journey, the work, flows through seven clear steps, from  first meeting of our inner feminine and inner masculine to full awakening to sacred union.

Here then, are the seven steps of the Inner Union Road Map.

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Step 1 – Meeting the Beloved Within

Each of us, regardless of our physical gender has both a feminine and a masculine aspect. Together they have to potential to create an “inner union” of self-loving wholeness and a wonderful life.  However, so often, inner union is lost because one part is buried, or perhaps both are in conflict.  Reclaiming that inner union is a beautiful and challenging journey through emotional healing and spiritual growth.  

The first step of the journey is an initial meeting with your inner masculine and inner feminine parts. In this deeply tender re-encounter you glimpse both the wounding that has kept them apart and the balance and fullness that is possible when they reconnect.

This first step is an initiation. New perspectives will open up and old, stuck habits of feeling, thought and action will begin to dissolve. Supported by powerful processes that offer a clear pathway to rebuilding love, trust and cooperation between feminine and masculine, you are ready to reclaim your Inner Union. 

Step 2 – Releasing the Ancestors (freeing yourself from the grip of the Matrix)

When you first meet the inner masculine and feminine, they wear the masks of your ancestors. You carry within you, cultural beliefs and many unconscious attitudes concerning men and women, femininity and masculinity, relationships and sex that go back through countless generations. These patterns are our inheritance from thousands of years of patriarchy. 

inner union, couple, self-worth, healing, self-growth, harmony, balance, love, wholeness

These tribal patterns exert a strong and often highly restrictive influence over your inner masculine and feminine often giving rise to self-judgement, guilt and shame and triggering fear of rejection and abandonment.  You feel the impact of this not only in your inner world, but in your outer relationships too.

Before your inner feminine and masculine can truly meet each other, you need to liberate yourself from the overbearing rule of the ancestors.  Unconscious beliefs need to be brought to awareness and challenged, ancestral wounds need to be felt, healed and forgiven. This is the work of Step 2 of Inner Union.  The goal is to become the first member of your own tribe, consciously choosing and acting from your own, authentic values.

inner union, couple, self-worth, healing, self-growth, harmony, balance, love, wholeness

Step 3 – Healing Family Trauma

Step 3 continues the healing and self-liberation of Step 2 at a more personal level, by exploring your how your birth family has moulded your feelings and beliefs.  Your mother and father are perhaps the most powerful influences on the evolution of your inner feminine and masculine. Each of us carry wounds and traumas from our early life experience that we project onto present situations.  In Step 3 you face this wounding, claim back 

those parts of you that were supressed by parental and family influences, and complete unfinished family business.

In this step, you meet yourself at a very deep level.  Often, your frightened and hurt inner child will show up seeking love and attention.  You will also meet your personal “caricatures”, the “shadow” aspects of your personality that run your life, and colour your day to day experience, often with their own self-sabotaging agendas. The goal of Step 3 is deeper liberation from unconscious conditioning and projection, release of trauma and reclaiming of lost parts of yourself.

Step 4 – Empowered Man – Awakened Woman

As you liberate yourself from unconscious patterning, you begin to experience inner feminine and masculine as powerful, positive, archetypal forces in your life. At this level of awakened consciousness, feminine and masculine have their own unique gifts to enrich your life.  Women begin by a deeper embodiment and awakening to the feminine.  Men begin by initiation into the deep masculine.  

inner union, couple, self-worth, healing, self-growth, harmony, balance, love, wholeness

Each then explores and reclaims the qualities of the opposite polarity.  Much of this work draws on archetypes – mythological figures that symbolise potentials within your consciousness and act as guides and reference points on your journey. The goal of step 4 is expansion into personal power and claiming of those aspects of yourself that have been hidden or lost.  Inner masculine and feminine are now ready to truly and lovingly unite.

inner union, couple, self-worth, healing, self-growth, harmony, balance, love, wholeness

Step 5 – The Dance of Conscious Intimacy

In Step 5 you explore relationship, intimacy and sexuality from the foundation of Inner Union.

 As your inner feminine and masculine deepen into love, you begin to discover transformation in your outer relationships too. Perhaps old toxic relationships fall away, perhaps you find you attract 

different types of people, perhaps you and your long-term partner begin to see each other in a new light. In this step, there may be more unconscious patterning to let go of as you awaken to the true power and beauty of your sexuality as a sacred force in your life.  As you open further to inner self-intimacy, loving relationship becomes an alchemical cauldron in which feminine and masculine, inner and outer catalyse and transmute each other to reveal the pure gold of true intimacy.  

Sexuality is transformed too, becoming an ecstatic dance in which there is deep union not only between partners but also between the inner feminine and masculine of each.

Step 6 – The Rite of Inner Union

Step 6, the Rite of Inner Union is a powerful declaration of self-love and commitment to yourself and your life.  Free from unconscious conditioning and embodying the true power of the conscious feminine and masculine, it is time to bring them together.  Like a marriage ceremony, inner masculine and feminine join in a symbolic vowing of commitment to love each other, to listen to each other and to work together to bring purpose and fulfilment to your life. 

inner union, couple, self-worth, healing, self-growth, harmony, balance, love, wholeness

In essence you are vowing to love and stay true to yourself.

 The ceremony is, of course, just the beginning and much of the work of Step 6 is the practical skill of living your life, managing your work, your relationships, your activities and commitments, from a place of conscious inner union.  Step 6 therefore integrates all the previous steps into the business of day to day living.

inner union, couple, self-worth, healing, self-growth, harmony, balance, love, wholeness

Step 7 - Spiritual Awakening

The previous steps have primarily focused on emotional healing and integration.  Step 7 takes the work into the spiritual realm.  The integration of the self and the cultivation of self-love open the question of who or what is the self?  In Step 7, you explore the deepest level of the feminine, as pure love and the masculine as pure consciousness as a step towards merging the personal with the absolute.  

The work at this level is deep meditation, settling into inner stillness and opening to the most subtle levels of experience.  The goal of step 7, is awakening to the non-dual state where masculine and feminine, self and other, form and void, and indeed all polarity is resolved into oneness.

Authors - Kalyani Ma Mukti and Nick Hudis

"The words Inner Union describe the incredible sense of wholeness, balance and power that results from the unification of the two aspects of your being, the feminine and the masculine. The practice of Inner Union is the healing and growing of a self-loving relationship with yourself.

This is something we feel passionate about, so much so that it is the foundation we have built our lives, and our relationship on.  Together we have almost 60 years of experience in healing work and spiritual practice. We have worked together offering retreats and workshops in France and in Europe as well as one to one coaching since 2010.  Kalyani is French, Nick is English.  We offer all our work bilingually"

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