Three Levels of Sexuality - Where are you?

An ancient Taoist Teaching

According to some Taoist teachings, the entire universe is in ecstatic sexual union with itself.

Wow, that is quite a thought!

Symbolised by the intertwined love dance of the Green Dragon (Yang, masculine) and White Tigress (Yin, feminine) this union takes place at many levels from the sub atomic to the cosmic.

At our human level, these ancient Taoist teachings speak of three levels of sexuality.  Each level is built on, and refines the previous level.

Three Levels of human sexuality

The first is the animal or instinctual level in which sex is the mere satisfaction of instinctual drives primarily for reproduction.  At this level, sex is purely about self-gratification and stimulation. The Taoist texts describe this level of sexuality as “frictional”…. The rubbing together of body parts.

At the second level things begin to get more interesting.  This is the heart level. This is where sex becomes lovemaking – an intimate, loving exchange of energy. At this level, sex is relational, it is about the meeting of two hearts in intimate loving connection.  This level is both beautiful and challenging to explore because it calls for us to show up in our intimate relationship in our truth and vulnerability.

One of our teachers, Dr Shakti Malan, called this level “real sex”.  Real because it requires both partners to be totally real, totally present and totally open during intimacy.

At the third level, things get really interesting!  If you go deeply into the second level, you may begin to glimpse that something truly sacred is happening. Love making becomes a sacrament, a sacred act in which both partners are deeply present to themselves, to each other and to that which is beyond them, a radiant energy field is brought into to being with the power to radically transform your life... and the world you live in.

In effect, you become the Green Dragon and White Tigress.  You become one with the primordial yang and yin of the universe.  You become the ecstatic cosmic dance. Ultimately, the simple human act of making love becomes a gateway to oneness with the Source itself.

At which level is your current experience of sexuality?  

Where would you like to be?

We have lost this understanding of the transformatory power of sexuality

This understanding of the true sacredness of lovemaking… and its transformatory power, is not confined to Taoism, but is essential to Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism, ancient Egyptian spirituality and many other traditions.  Sadly, Christian tradition since medieval times has suppressed this beautiful knowledge and stigmatised this most natural and sacred of human acts as "sinful".

The Alchemy of Intimacy

Lovemaking as a Sacrament 

Three live online workshops starting May 16

How to reclaim the sacredness of lovemaking?  

How do you integrate the second and third levels into your life and your intimate relationship? It is not about candles, incense and sitar music. It is about being together in the alchemical fire of love. It is about being willing to dive so deep into intimacy that you are no longer afraid to lose yourself. Then your love making will be the union between your Sacred Masculine and your Divine Feminine, fully embodied and in resonace with what lies beyond your bodies.

To get to this jewel of love making, you need to be willing to face your shadows and reveal your vulnerability to your partner. Your partner needs to be willing to stay with you when those moments arise. You will need to mirror this for your partner when this happens for them too.

The Alchemy of Intimacy - an online programme

Imagine... Two bodies, two hearts and two souls in sacred union merging as one with Source.

When you are willing to dive so deep into intimacy that you are no longer afraid of losing yourself, you radiate light from the infinite Source of Love and miracles happen.

To guide you on this path and to help you transform your lovemaking into a sacrament, we offer a programme of three online workshops, The Alchemy of Intimacy - Lovemaking as a Sacrament which can be taken as a series or singly. There is one for women, one for men and one for couples. 

As a woman, you can awaken to the true beauty and power of your sexuality and overcome deep seated fears and wounding in relation to the masculine.

As a man, you can become a truly aware and empowered lover, move beyond self-gratification and channel your sexual energy into spiritual evolution.

As a couple, you can meet in a new level of trust and intimacy kindling the alchemical fire of spiritual transformation in your lovemaking.

The Alchemy of Intimacy

Lovemaking as a Sacrament 

Three live online workshops starting May 16

About Inner Union

Inner Union  was created by Kalyani and Nick as a container for the emotional healing and spiritual growth work they have developed together over the last ten years.

The heart of this work is inner union - the meeting within you of the masculine principle and the feminine principle.  When unified within, feminine and masculine have the power to transform your outer relationships opening you more fully to love and intimacy.

Kalyani is a coach who leads people to awaken to the fullness of who they are, going beyond past wounds and trauma, and opening to the gifts of being alive as a spiritual being in a human body. 

Nick is an author and mentor committed to the path of self-cultivation whose inspiration is
drawn from Eastern spirituality, stoicism, and the martial arts. He supports people to live from their highest virtue as a force for good in the world, 

Kalyani and Nick live and practice as a conscious couple embodying the principles of sacred inner union. They live in the south of France where they run the La Source retreat centre. La Source and the work they offer there are a manifestation of the power and sacredness of love.